Choosing an Air Conditioner for your RV

Setting your mind on your next road trip? But the season is now becoming hot and humid. What can you do? You can get an air conditioner to make your trip more comfortable.

This article will talk about the different RV air conditioning units. We will also help you with the choices before you set out to buy one.

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Rooftop Air Conditioner

A rooftop air conditioner is placed on top of the recreational vehicle. The advantage of getting this is that it doesn’t utilize any space inside your RV. This way, you can maximize your interiors with other items like furniture and decors. A rooftop air conditioner cools an area of about 10 to 50 feet depending on the model.   A rooftop air-con though is heavy.

A rooftop air conditioner is cooled from the outside, powered by your RV. The power it uses depends on how big the unit is. So, if you have a bigger unit and it uses tons of power, you might run off on energy for some of your other equipment.

The rooftop air conditioner is exposed to outside elements like moist air. This can lead to rust and the growth of bacteria. It is also more expensive to repair if it gets damaged.

Vent Free Portable Air Conditioner

The advantage of a vent-free portable air conditioner is that it’s smaller versus the rooftop air-con.  It is also called a ‘swamp cooler’ since it has unique moist air ventilation. There is also no refrigeration process involved to cool the air around the RV. The vent-free portable air conditioner quickly cools up the room.

The vent-free portable aircon also does not consume much energy and space. But the disadvantage of this is that you need a hose because water does not completely evaporate. Having this may cause leaks inside your RV. Another problem is that this only works best for areas with a dry heat climate. It is not so good with humid weather.

Portable RV Air Conditioner

The portable RV air-con has one or two holes, which ventilate the hot air. It has frames that can be adjusted to keep hoses in their proper place. If you use a single hose air con though, the hot air can come inside because of improper ventilation.

The portable RV aircon is less expensive. But they consume more space. It is not also that energy0 efficient. Plus, it can be quite noisy because the compressor is inside the RV.

RV Window Air Conditioner

The window air conditioner is smaller as it doesn’t take much space for your RV. Despite this, it has a great cooling capacity. It is also easy to maintain. It has the necessary cooling components inside it like compressors and vents. It is also not that noisy.

Lightweight Caravan Air Conditioner

The best advantage of having a lightweight caravan aircon is it doesn’t add much to the overall weight of your RV.

Another big benefit is the fuel-efficiency of a lightweight caravan aircon, which means it can save you in the long run.

Considerations in Choosing a Lightweight Caravan Air Conditioner

There are many choices in selecting an air conditioner. Choose one that you think best fits your RV. First, you can consider the brand and company history. Because aircon is an expensive investment, buy from a trustworthy company. Choose from a manufacturer known to build quality and durable aircon.

Choose a product that lives up to being lightweight. Many products can easily claim lightweight.  You have to double-check and compare the brands’ actual weight.

Aesthetics can also be a consideration. Many RV owners want posh-looking furniture and items inside their RV. If you are one of them, check out the products. Some brands are slim and sleek looking.

Features also matter. Look into the product features that each boast off. An important feature is an energy-saving mode. A timer is also a good feature which is now almost a must in any aircon.

The cost can be a consideration, though that is relative. Costs are commensurate to the brand, product, and features offered. Choose one that fits your budget. But make sure that the product meets your requirements. The last thing you want to happen is that you buy the cheapest one and you become unhappy in the long run. So choose wisely!

Some Lightweight Caravan Air Conditioners You Can Choose From

You can check out Truma Aventa. It only weighs 33kg and is very slim. It has a great and powerful cooling capacity yet energy-saving. It also has LED lighting for a dim light effect inside your RV. It’s good for RVs with a length of up to 7.5m.

Truma Aventa Compact is also their other model, which is even lighter! It is only at 29.5 kg! It is also very quiet. This product is best for vehicle size of up to 6.5m.

Dometic Harrier Lite is also another lightweight caravan aircon yet very powerful. It is built for small to medium size campers (up to 7m). It only weighs about 36kg. It has a dual-cylinder inverter compressor. Its other features are sleep mode, timer function, air purification, and oscillating outlet doors.

We hope we were able to help you research more about caravan air conditioning.  There are so many other great choices. Remember to purchase from a reliable supplier where you can get the best warranty.

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