7 Bad Habits That an Harm Your Car

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  • Post last modified:February 5, 2021

While we drive, unconsciously we develop some habits that can harm our vehicles. As we do these in a subconsciously, we do not understand what we are doing that can harm our ride. We know that vehicles are one the most expensive things to maintain.

If you have an accident because of these habits then you will get a reduce resell price. As I said before you have beloved these habits in a subconscious ways, very little of us are ware of these.

Today I will discuss the 7  bad habits that harm your car. These seven are the most common of many bad habits.

7 Bad Habits That Harms Your Car

Carrying unwanted things in the car

We all put somethings in tank of the car. Later we forgot about these items that we put in the car. This adds extra weight and you lose some space to the unnecessary things.

But not only that some people use the car tank as store room for their less used product. This will only decrease your car mileage. This has ranked number one on my list. Drive your car with less weight.

Resting your hand on gear shifter

This is another alarming habit that I hate the most. If you are not a professional driver or car racer than you should not use the gear shifter as a hand rest.

It may cause unnecessary ware of gear by the weight and pressure of you hand on gear.

 Ignoring the warning light

This light is on the car for a reason. To give signal if there is anything wrong with your car.  This will be foolish of you to ignore it.

Yet more than 40 percent of the car driver ignores the warning light.  Some Uk base company make study of that 98 percent British driver does not understand the meaning of the light or why this light in on the dashboard. So percentage of the ignorance should be higher but yet it is quite less than expectation.

Hard stops and starts

Hard break or sudden stops can be necessary sometimes, but still some people do that for fun or show off. Especially the teenage driver develops this habits that stay with them after a long period of time.

But this hard break means extra pressure on brake, rotors and break wares.  Starting an engine is not a rocket science. Hard starts can be fun, but it burns lot of fuels.

Ignoring your handbrake

While we park the car, a lot of time we forget about the hand breaks. There are lots of accidents happen because of this mistake. Mostly young drivers are guilty as charge of making this particular mistake.

Most of the time when young drivers park the car they forget about the hand break which is very important. So before it becomes a reason of accident change the habit or beware of the fact.

Run the car on low fuel

This one is a classic rookie mistakes. I have so many people doing this. You do not even look at the fuel meter until it gives signal the fuel is significantly low.

What if you are in a hurry and all of a sudden you find out that you are low on fuel. Or you get stuck in a place where no gas station is not around you.

You will be in a foul position and the worst case scenario is that you get mugged or some vandal did something to your car.

Ignoring your windshield wiper blades

One of the mandatory security or safety features in the car is wiper blades. But most of us ignore the sign of the worn out wiper blades as we take it as granted.

You driving all of a sudden rain or snow start and you find out that the wiper blades are not working properly. It will make you driving more unsafe.

You will not get a clear view of the road and therefore the chance of the accident increased. So check you wiper blades time to time.  If you need to change the blades change it as quick as possible.