3 Smart Tips to Save on Your Vehicle Loan

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  • Post last modified:March 13, 2021

Most people often do not consider the cost of vehicle financing in the total price. Let us cite an example to make this point clear.

For instance, you are planning to purchase a brand new Honda Civic. Now, the difference between the dealer’s price and the sticker price is approximately $2,000.

If you have the right negotiation skills, you can save at least $1,500 on the vehicle price. There is no doubt about the same.

Again, when you finance your vehicle for five years at seven percent with no down payment, you will end up paying $2,500 as interest.

Financing your car at six percent for four years with $1,500 down payment can save you more than $1,000. When you have negotiation skills, you must not overlook the terms of the auto loan and the rates.

When you are looking for a car loan, avoid waiting until the time you are through with all documentation to consider financing. It is too late then.

Many of you opt for car loans to travel or commute to your workplace. Then, you do not have the required funds to buy a comfortable car ride.

Therefore, you apply for a vehicle loan. The trick lies in using the loan smartly.

According to an article published on https://www.huffpost.com, you must consider the down payment amount, tenure of the loan, rates of interest, and things like that.

Moreover, you should learn to save on your auto loan. Here are three tips to help you do so:

3 Smart Tips to Save on Your Vehicle Loan

#1.Know your credit score

Before you apply for an auto loan, check your credit report. Look for erroneous entries in the same and rectify those if you find any mistakes.

When you apply for a credit card debt or mortgage, you need to have a perfect credit rating. It is not the same when you are looking for a car loan.

You would get the loan approved even if you have a poor credit score. You will only need to shell out more money. That is because banks and lending agencies can repossess your car easily if you default.

When you have a poor credit score and excited about the vehicle loan, you do not ask if there is a reduced rate available or not.

The dealers know about it and try to benefit from the same if you agree to a higher rate of interest. There are tools to figure out your credit score so that you can determine whether you qualify for a suitable rate or not.

The dealers often say that they have the best rates on new vehicles like 1.9 percent or 2.9 percent, sometimes even zero percent.

Now, these rates apply only to borrowers with a healthy credit score. It may imply a FICO score of 750 and above.

Customers with a low score can stand a chance to get a fair interest rate but may not become eligible for the best promotions.

The customers with a below average score of less than 650 may qualify for an interest rate of 10 percent or even more.

Besides, if you want to learn more about the auto loan and rates, you can look up websites like NationaldebtRelief.com or similar ones.

#2.Keep the tenure of the loan short

If you choose a shorter tenure of a vehicle loan, the rate of interest would be less but higher monthly payments.

That is what most borrowers want when applying for a car loan. When you saunter into the dealership and express interest to finance your vehicle, the sales representative would negotiate depending on your monthly payment and not the total buying price of the vehicle.

The sales rep will show you reduced interest rates and low payments, but extend the tenure of the car loan. He will not reduce the car price though.

For example, if you are paying $490, it suddenly becomes $340. You are not paying less but would end up shelling out more in interest as the loan term is longer than you expect.

The more time you take to repay the car loan, the more interest you will pay. Besides, some banks charge high rates of interest for an extended loan term, thus adding to your car loan cost.

Though it is tempting to agree with a longer loan term and a comfortable monthly payment, you pay more interest down the years. Therefore, think before you sign the final agreement.

#3.Get quotes if you have a poor credit score

When you have a healthy credit score, there is nothing like it. You qualify for the best rates of interest directly from the dealership who works as an agent for the lenders.  There is no doubt about the same.

In case, you have a bad credit score, look for online lenders. Once you fill out a credit application form, you get to know about the rate of interest and the maximum amount you need to shell out on the car loan.

You need not use it if the dealer offers you a better deal. At least, you know that you have a rate of interest to beat.

There are many online lenders out there providing some of the best rates for auto loans. Therefore, shop around and get different quotes.

Choose the best rate that is suitable for your individual requirement and financial condition. Read the reviews of these lenders before applying for a vehicle loan.  If you find positive and genuine customer feedback, opt for the same.

Many times, local lenders and banks offer a good rate of interest to borrowers with an average credit score. It applies to both new and used car loans.

If you manage to use the pre-arranged loan as a bargaining or negotiation tool with the dealership’s finance manager, you may get a reduced rate of interest.

If this happens, there is nothing like it. It is all about getting different quotes and negotiation skills to bag the best auto loan with a reasonable interest rate.


Now that you have these tips handy, you can get a vehicle loan with a reasonable interest rate. Make regular monthly payments and enjoy your car drive.