10 Ways to Keep Your Hybrid Car in Good Condition

One thing is for sure that technology is advancing faster than we thought. The automobile has also advanced in the last decade or so. Toyota Prius was the first hybrid car that was introduced to the automobile industries. Even that was 14 years ago. Vehicles need more attention to maintenance as the time passes by. New cars do not need that much maintenance.

But if you keep your car well maintained from the beginning then it will give you a longer service and that service will be less problematic. Keeping a car in tip-top condition is very much depending on how you maintain it.  We will discuss here the 10 ways to keep your Hybrid Car in good condition.

Back in the days when the hybrid cars first come out, there are very few people having the knowledge of maintaining these automobile proper way. Hence there are some claims that it is hard to maintain a hybrid car. Well, that is not a false claim but not also the 100 percent truth.

If you have proper knowledge and tools you can easily maintain a hybrid car. Most of the technicals are same as conventional vehicles. So need to get panic about it. Let’s known about the ways we can keep our hybrid cars in good condition. You can protect your car from environmental damage by using high-quality RV carports at your home.

Some of the car maintenance is obvious for kind of vehicles. You can say that these are the basic rule of maintenance for all vehicles. So I will divide the maintenance into two categories, Basic maintenance, and hybrid car maintenance.

10 Ways to Keep Your Hybrid Car in Good Condition

Basic maintenance for hybrids cars

Keep an eye on tires

Proper air pressure in the tire can give you more mileage than usual. It can reduce the fuel cost the up to 10 percent. If you want the benefits of driving a hybrid car, tire maintenance is very important. Even if you drive the latest hybrid car with boost up fuel economy, the proper air pressure in the tires does not lose its value and it will give you more control over driving. So give proper attention to the tires.

Keep the car clean

Whatever you think, but you should keep your car clean, both outside and inside. Cause if you keep your car clean it will give you a longer period of time. Hybrid cars are more expensive than conventional cars. Hence they need more attention. And if you keep your car clean it will give you more resell value.

Make your car winterize

Winter hits the car very hard. Most of the car fall victim of the accident because of the wet road.  Most of the people are unaware if black ice in the winter and that makes the car more venerable to the threats of winter for the cars. You make your car winter prove before the winter.

You must have a good winter wiper blades, putting on the chain on the tire I winter will help you to get more friction on the road, hence you will get more grip on the road. Hog light and jumper cables can be a very good addition to your car. As battery plays a big role in hybrid cars, it may help you to

Rocking at Highway Speeds

It does not matter what types of vehicles you driver, keep a smooth speed and driver the car at a control cruise speed is essential for keeping the engine in a better condition. Too much rough driving is harmful to the engine and it loses the main goal of saving fuel cost. If you drive your car at a reasonable speed than you can easily get more benefit from any car conventional or hybrids.

Hybrid car maintenance

Restricted Hybrid Modes

This is a common problem for all the hybrids cars. There are two types of senior in here, one is with the internal combustion engine off, the vehicle will not go over 10 mph. when you are driving at a higher speed, the hybrid characteristics does not apply. In this state, the internal combustion engine is doing all the work, including regenerative braking.

This problems car accrue if there is a loose connection between inverter, motor, and battery. This lose connection can prevent you from getting the positives of owning a hybrid car. So keep the hybrids car ware well maintains.

Engine Oil

You do not change the engine oil as much as you do for conventional vehicles. It happens because hybrids run through the battery on low speed and stop-go systems. But none the less you need to change engine oil. And remember one thing you must use the premium grade engine oil.

Battery Filter

Some of the hybrid cars have a special filter added to the battery to get better cooling. Air for the battery is filtered by another filter located behind the cargo rare side. You must inspect the air filter and change it every 1000 miles.

Fluid Maintenance

Transmission Fluid does not come in contact with the motor; hence it plays an important role to the engine.  Any kind of leakage in the fluid system should be taken seriously as these leakages can damage electric motor and battery. Pay proper attention to the manufacturing grade while changing the fluid. For example macron, V is the same as macron VI. Discuss the matter with your products provider and never take it for granted.

Cooling Systems

All the hybrids car models have a different cooling system for the inverter and electrical mortars. But the good thing is that the every cooling system has its own special coolant, heat exchanger and electric pump. In some of the hybrid car, there are two different coolants under the hood. You must check the fluid every now and then to make its sure that the fluid is at the correct level.   Most ­manufacturers recommend flushing and filling the system for cleaning the cooling system.

Air Conditioning

Some hybrid vehicles use air conditioning compressors that are operated by an electric motor instead of a drive belt. The motor’s insulated windings are immersed in the compressor’s lubricating oil. The oils used in these compressors have non-conductive properties. A variety of problems may occur if a different type of oil somehow makes its way into one of these compressors and if the insulation on the windings is damaged or compromised.

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