Best Wiper Blades Reviews – Top 5 Blades of 2017

There come times when driving never seems to be possible. During the cold months of winter, slush, snow, and even salt tend to cause a lot of issues while you are driving. These are the times that a keen driver needs to check the good set of windshield wiper blades. While every concerned driver wants every car part to appear good, the wiper blades make the absolute safety measures and features that should not and should never be forgotten. You must consider having the best wiper blades to do the safe driving.

A good windshield wiper is not only essential when it comes to seeing the heavy rains and snow, but also, it keeps all the nasty splatters off the car’s windshield. It simply means that any glare coming from some unclean windows and caused by unreliable and ineffective wipers can be an effect on the visibility while driving, and basically this will increase the risk to the dangerous accidents which could have been prevented.

When your problem has been the old, poor quality and cracking wiper blades, then here is the guide, having all the reviews and analysis of the best wiper blade for winter and other seasons. It is all a plan to ensure your safety while driving, more so during the extreme events in the weather, both for the morning and evening drives.

Rankings Product Name Material Sizes Editor's Rating
Bosch 26A Icon
FX Dual Rubber 13" - 28"

★★ ★★★

Rain-X Latitude
Synthetic Blend Rubber 14" - 28"

★★ ★★★

Aero Premium
Specially Blended Rubber 13" - 28"

★★ ★★☆

Advanced Rubber Compound 14" - 28"

★★ ★★☆

Michelin Hybrid
Rubber 16" - 28"

★★ ★☆☆

Some Features to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Windshield Blades

Buying the best windshield wiper blades for the car is an issue that must be done with some regularity and considerations. It is possible and easy to walk into any auto parts shop, pick any wiper blade model that fits the car. However, there are some underlying factors that must be considered so as to be able to satisfy your decision and choice of the product. Take a look at these features:

Does the blade fit the car? – It is advisable that a blade should be checked to ensure that the brand being purchased fits the car’s windshield before the pricing and purchase are made. One of the worst scenarios a potential user can find himself is to buy a wiper blade that is either too large of too small to cover the vehicle’s windshield effectively. It might be too late exchange the product at this moment.

Connectors – in case an individual cannot connect the blades to the car wiper blade’s fitting, then this is another trouble. Most of these modern products come with everything that is needed for the connection of the blade to the car. Moreover, more of them also come with various attachments for the fittings which are unusual. The blade that you are intending to buy should have these connectors: slide pin, hook or the bayonet. It pays to be keen so as to identify these connectors.

The type of the blade – actually, there are three types of blades: the conventional, beam and hybrid blades. The conventional blades are straight and they are fairly effective when it comes to pushing a material off the windshield.

The beam blades have a very distinct curve in their middle and this curve helps much better and it conforms to many of the windshield shapes hence it helps the sticking during the snow and ice. Again, this beam blade is known for lasting longer.

The hybrid blade now comes with a unique feature – it combines both the conventional and the beam blade features. They are also known for their quietness when compared to the beam blades. They are again more effective than the conventional blades. Therefore, before any purchase, the user has to have a knowledge of the blade types so that he can choose the best and one which is most effective to go for. The blade type’s choice is also determined by the money.

The pressure points – One of the obvious science behind these products is that they all work by applying the pressure across the windshield. Therefore, the wiper blades that are curved in the frame can be effective in providing a great coverage hence better pressure is applied more evenly across the windshield. The full coverage prevents the streaks, lowers that chances of rips and tears from any strange objects and snow on the glass.

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Now, what are the best windshield wiper blades?

The analysis and review of the best 5 wiper blades for all seasons have been done, putting into considerations all the above factors. Here is the list?

Our Pick (TOP 1) – Bosch 26A Icon

Best Wiper Blades for WinterThe Bosch 26A is known for its extremely curved design which is made to fit the windshields. The size of this product is between 13 inches and 28 inches. Its design comes with a spoiler which is noise-cutting and also serving in supplying the pressure across the blade, giving the driver a clean, vision clearing and smooth wiping experience. Feel safe on the road, the weather is rainy or full of snow during winter, with this pair of Bosch 26A Icon blades.

The products operate very well at high speed, not like other blades. To any experienced buyer, the increase in the speed leads to a lessening of the visibility when water begins streaking across the car glass. The blade, therefore, produces a uniform distribution of pressure across the blade and the glass, resulting in a more powerful force in pushing across this surface of the glass – striking other precipitation and another road spray from the driver’s vision.

The blade and its bracket are all designed to fit well in the curve of the windshield. It has the weather shielding connector so as to keep the ice and snow from forming inside the wiper brackets, hence making the wipers again easy to install.

Another feature of this product is the rubber which connects directly to the glass surface. The rubber is a dual compound with a micro-finish wiping edge, enabling it to cut through winter weather with a lot of ease, but withstanding ozone deterioration and oxidation in the air and other resistance caused by heat. The Bosch dual rubber compound surely counteracts all the negative influences and distractions that blades face when in constant use.


  • It has a dual rubber compound for good and easy cleaning and wiping
  • The inclusion of the spoiler makes it perform with a lot of quietnesses
  • It has a spring-loaded system
  • Easy to fix, more so when used with a professional
  • Long lasting


  • Expensive when compared to some competing wiper blades.
  • It does not make the wipers that fit every car out there. Consider the car prior to purchase.

Bosch retains some of the highest ratings found on the wiper blade. The spring-loaded system in the frame of the wiper is another favorite, increasing higher the average ratings of the product in the market. You can consider Bosche 26A Icon as the best wiper blades for snow and ice.

It is a fact that these products last longer that many of the wiper blades that have been used in the past. According to the Bosch Company, these blades have been proven to be lasting about 40% longer than some of the other premium blades found in the market. When the potential buyer is choosing for the best windshield wiper blades, go for, this is one that is recommended. However, the negative reviews about this Bosch product are very minimal, they should be taken into consideration. But, most of the reviews are negative and more adequate to help in the decision for purchase for the buyer.

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Top 2: Rain-X Latitude

best wiper blades for rain and snowThe Rain-X Latitude wiper blades should be on your list of choice once you have decided to discard the old blades from the local auto parts the simply fail to do. These blades are designed specifically for the winter seasons, including the harsh weather events and conditions that to be consistent during the daily travels and journeys. With the products, you and the family are guaranteed safety and nice journey.

The Rain-X Latitude wiper blades are always recognized in for their contoured frame. Since most of the modern windshields also are not straight up and down, these blades have the contoured frame so that the wipers can hug the windshield as rain, snow, sleet and other road distractors are refuted out of vision in the glass. The cross-cutting swipe provides a powerful streak operation, wonderfully improving the visibility and the driving experience of the driver through the reduction of the cloudy remnants.

The product has a graphite-infused rubber blade. This rubber component of the wiper is what does the greatest work more so the heavy duty work of pushing the materials from the windshield. The Rain-X, therefore, developed the use of the graphite in their rubber design so that it adds strength and durability of the rubber when it comes to the cleaning ability and longevity.


  • There is no metal which is exposed
  • Increased durability due to the graphite component in the blade
  • Strong rubber blade
  • The contoured frame is wonderful – provides better hold to the windshield


  • Cannot be compared to some wiper blades because it is somehow expensive
  • The negative reviews have been consistent – this remains a discouraging factor to some interested users

Rain-X is designed for all types of weather. The rain, snow, and sleet will have the hardest time for keeping up with the wipers. With its four pressure points along the blade, this product always ensures that the user gets an even coverage along the windshield by preventing uneven wiping that ever limits the vision. This is the set of the best windshield wiper blades, you choose this one if you don’t like Bosch.

Just for more information, the Rain-X has come up with another new version called the Latitude Water Repellency wiper. This wiper is claimed to be leaving a thin Rain-X layer of the water treatment on the windshield so as to help in the flowage of water off more easily. It is high time you had this product so that you give much positive rating according to how it will work on your side. However, it is true that this product is very effective, but short-lived since it wears out very first.

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Top 3: Aero Premium

Best Wiper Blades for Snow and IceAERO premium is known to be all-season frameless wiper blades, making it the best alternative for everyone with a new car that needs the best blades. These blades are designed to be a direct replacement to the original blades. They come at a cost that is less than many of the products in the market of the same category.

Some of best features of AERO premium would include: it fits almost all the cars. This makes it the best wiper blades for winter with the Bosch wiper blades. The product also comes it a good and extensive size range, between 13 inches and 28 inches – this is one of the largest ranges in the list of blades, in exclusion of Rain-X blades.

The best reason for selecting these blades is the fact that they come in a pair, and this is actually more economical choice now to go for! Their design makes them flexible when in use, the ones that will definitely hug the windshield evenly, hence preventing the streaks attack.

The backs of these blades also feature a well-covered design that will keep snow and ice from accumulating on the wiper, and the product is a blended rubber design to last very long on your car.


  • They are the best blades for money and for the snow
  • They do an even work – making them be good all-rounded in cleaning the car glass
  • Very popular ones in the market, hence they can be trusted more than any other blade
  • The blades are rubber-blended, meaning they actually last long


  • It is unfortunate that they only fit newer cars
  • When not well handled, they are prone to wearing fast
  • The lifespan decreases when used extensively during heavy weather seasons, more so in the extremely icy events

Never have any doubt to go for these blades. Even when making a drive with these wipers, the one thing that you will notice is that they are very silent, and in case you start to hear a squeaking noise, then this is a notification that it is time to get them replaced before it is too late or before they wear out completely.

The other best part of this set of wipers is that they come with a six-month warranty. So in case, they are not capable of holding up to the required standards, then they can be sent back in exchange for another replacement set. No more worries when it comes to replacement because the company is ever lenient to the customers.

The rubber part and the whole physical design makes these blades be the good option over other conventional blades in the market. The design is contoured hence preventing them from getting stuck in the snow build-up on the windshield. Even when it is a freeze event, these blades will still stick to the windshield – and do not forget that these blades are low-end blades. They are absolutely effective when it comes to getting the work done.

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Top 4: ANCO C-17-UB Contour Wiper Blade

Best Wiper Blades for All WeatherThere are some specific vehicles that have small windows. In case the owner is looking for the new windshield wipers for these vehicles, there is a full coverage over the same. Also in some situations, there are some large wipers of over 17 inches which are designed for the passenger side vehicles only. Even at this time, relax because your problem is still covered. This might then call for the knowledge of every user to look for the wiper that fits every size of the vehicle’s windshield.

The ANCO Contour Wiper Blade is well designed as a small single pieced unit having numerous pressure points that are actually flexible. The flexible pressure points make an added advantage for this product, because these points give the blade a great windshield contact, improving the visibility of every driver greatly.

The blades are known for its thickness, which makes it durable. It has never and will never corrode whether the weather becomes worse or freezes in temperature are recorded outside the frigid. Its performance is constant – working to the best of its ability, ensuring that the driver is ever consistent in seeing clearly.


  • The blade is thick – making it durable
  • It is not susceptible to corrosion even if the weather is all snow and ice – great wiper blades for all weather
  • Somehow pocket-friendly
  • Very easy when it comes to installation


  1. Needs a constant checkup and repair
  2. Produces a little of noise, which sometimes might be destructive to the driver when the weather worsens
  3. Only fits specific vehicles
  4. They are not so much in the market, though they perform well

The best realization that many users have recognized is the fact that these blades easy to install. The product has a quick connect system, proving their advantage support to every driver who chooses to acquire one for his car. When well-maintained, the blade will be wiping your windshield without making any sound. This means that they should be maintained and checked all the time, more so at the time that the weather is not friendly. Otherwise, this product still remains to be the best wiper blade.

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Top 5: Michelin 8022 Stealth Hybrid Windshield Wiper Blade with Smart Flex Design

Best Wiper Blades for all seasonsIt is time to say a goodbye to streaks, smearing and squeaking when you have Michelin’s new Smart Flex wiper blades. This has been proved to be a quality windshield wiper blade when it comes to the strictest and hardest weather conditions, especially winter.

The product technology is made to adapt to the windshield curve for the best, and it is long lasting in terms of its durability and performance. Don’t doubt the ice and snow prevention. The blade has a sleek aerodynamic cover which keeps the blade from debris, ice and snow clogging.

Again, the suspension within the blade is able to adjust to the shape of the windshield. This adjustment provides a strong contact between the wiper blade and the windshield.

This is not enough. Still, check out for other features. Its lock connector system provides quick and easy replacement of the blade when they are worn off. From the right sources, it is true that these blades have outperformed many and mostly all the industry competitors.


  • No doubt on performance – they are perfect
  • What about cost? They are for the money and affordable to many drivers
  • Durability is guaranteed
  • No stress with the clogging of debris, snow, and ice
  • No worry when it comes to harsh weather because they have the sleek aerodynamic covers


  • Actually, they are affordable to the risk drivers to be clear
  • The models are fitting to specific cars and vehicles
  • Michelin might not still be popular to some regions

To those who have used these blades, they are easy to install as compared to many blades outside there. In case there are worries with the replacement and lacks that much knowledge in the maintenance, then these are the best product that will not be complicated but rather easy to deal with. Therefore, it is time to have your blade, and among your preference, consider this product as well because you will never regret having chosen it at long last.

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Buy Any of These Best Wiper Blades

Sometimes, driving in the winter becomes much risky and dangerous if you do not have the best windshield blades to keep the windshield clear. This list is basically to guide every potential buyer towards choosing the best product for this season.

It is true that no wiper blade will be performing well on every car’s windshield, the research is done still shows that Bosch Icon wiper blade takes the lead as the most preferred for most drivers. This is consistently among the highly rated blades than any other model categorizing in this products. This actually means that there are higher fortunes that it will perform the best for you. It will work best in the icy and snowy events better than other traditional wiper blades that have been on the market for so long.

In case you want an even and less risky wiper blade that will fit the car, then it is again expedient to go for this Bosch product. Otherwise, the list is long. If not satisfied with this product, it is still advised to do many reviews and choose the best blade for the winter. Remember that when it comes to winter conditions, the best wiper blades for winter means your whole life when driving!